Love At First Cardigan + 10 Things

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Happy Sunday friends! I’m back with another 10 Things post! I feel like I have a ton to share with you guys, but FIRST, we must talk about this cardigan! I don’t know how else to say this except, THIS IS THE BEST DARN CARDIGAN OF ALL TIME (thx for the inspo, Kanye!) Believe me when I say I sleep in it, go to work in it, run errands in it, snuggle up and watch the O.C. in it, go to church in it, the list goes on and on and on…

Not only is it super cozy and perfectly oversized, what makes it so great is that it’s not itchy! There’s nothing worse than a sweater that looks soft but turns out to be super uncomfortable and itchy when you actually wear it. Now, I maybe would have let it slide if you didn’t want to buy this sweater at its original price, but there’s no excuse now because this beautiful cardigan is only $39! Between my roommates and I, we have 3 of these floating around in our house (soon to be 4 because I’ll be ordering the cream one as well!)

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17 Things I Learned in 2017

This sentence I’m about to say probably comes out of my mouth every single year, but I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by! 2017 marked my first full year of “adulting”, and boy was this the year of personal growth. Whether it be my faith, work ethic, fitness habits, etc, I feel like I fully discovered who I truly am as a person, the root cause of certain bad habits and resentments, and ultimately what my purpose is here on this Earth moving forward.

As I reflect on what went down this year, I feel like I’ve learned some valuable lessons that you too can also benefit from. Some of these things you may already know and others might spark your interest, but my main goal in writing this post is that you would leave feeling encouraged to make the changes that you’ve always wanted to make in your life so that 2018 can be your best year yet! So without further ado…

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Ultimate Gift Guide | Stocking Stuffers Under $30!

stocking stuffers, capri blue volcano candle, cocktail carry on kit, hiking socks, gift ideas, gift guide 2017, gift ideas //

Okay guys, the last gift guide I want to share with y’all is stocking stuffers. It’s funny because my family has never actually filled our stockings with presents (we’re African what can I say?) I remember being a kid and thinking, “you guys get even more presents after the wrapped presents?!” However, I totally love the idea of pocket-sized gifts that allow you to give those fun, quirky gifts, or the total necessities, like grocery store gift cards or socks. So if my fam were to participate in this Christmas tradition, here’s what would be at the top of my list *hint hint*.

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts for Him!

gift guide, gifts for him, gift for tech lover, gift for hipster, gift for outdoorsman, gift for fitness guy, the holidays, gift ideas, flannel, kuhl jacket, lululemon long sleeve, herschel duffle bag // treasureandtaupe.comSo, remember when I said this was going to be gift guide week on the blog? Total fail on my part that I haven’t posted another one since Monday (LIFE Y’ALL), but the week isn’t over yet! I’m super excited to share the next edition of the Ultimate Gift Guide Series, which as you can tell is gift ideas for men! This specific gift guide has been sooo requested by you guys, so I hope you enjoy this one. Seeing as I’m single as a Pringle, this gift guide took a little more effort, so shout out to all my guy friends and co-workers who gave me the scoop on what guys really want, Y’all are the best! 

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts For Her!

gift guide for her, gift ideas, Christmas, holiday, gifts for her, swell water bottle, voluspa candles, chenille blanket, malibu farm cookbook, knit scarf // Welcome to the first post of my Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide series! Every day this week I’ll be sharing my top gift recommendations for all the special people in your life! Today, we’re kicking things off with the ultimate gift guide for her, so if you’re shopping for your sister, mom, bestie, in-laws, etc, then this guide has got you covered! I hoped to get this out sooner, but life has been so crazy, so if you’re like me and still haven’t finished all your Christmas shopping yet (sorry fam!), then hopefully this will help you wrap things up.

When I thought about what I’d want to see under the tree this year, gifts like new shoes, a teddy coat, bedding, and candles, were at the top of my list! So that’s exactly what this guide is all about: gifts that you would love to receive, but hate to buy yourself. 

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