Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2017

Spring Essentials 2017 - treasureandtaupe.com

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We’re only officially two weeks into Spring, but I’ve already made it my mission to clean out my closet and make some extra space for all the new clothes I want to buy. The Spring 2017 trends are hands-down my favorite compared to all other years (besides denim skirts and platform flip flops circa 2005 lol). I mean we’re talkin’ over the shoulder everything, florals, embroidery, ripped denim, and all things “Millennial Pink”. Speaking of —

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Stepping into Spring

Spring Outfits - treasureandtaupe.com

Is it me or has this winter in Texas lacked, er cold weather? I’m absolutely not complaining because I have no desire to do anything when it’s cold (I mean like lay in bed, Postmates some food, and watch Netflix all day kinda nothing), so good thing spring officially starts on Monday! I swear as soon as spring rolls around, my body all of a sudden is ready to get back in shape, eat healthily, and become more active (finally! I was getting a little worried for a sec..) Okay enough of my rambling, the point is that spring is near approaching and that means it’s time to prep the closet for the warmer months ahead.

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February Favorites

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One of my favorite pastimes is watching beauty vloggers on YouTube. I’ve been following some of my favorite YouTubers since high school, and the videos I always look forward to are monthly favorites, so I’m bringing this series to the blog! This time around I’m sharing my favs in skin care, tech accessories,  food recipes, clothing, and music!

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Saturday Uniform | Oversized Cardigan + Nikes

oversized cardigan nike air max thea - treasureandtaupe.com

Did anyone else feel like this week was super long? Thank God it’s finally the weekend! I plan to spend it hitting up every Nordstrom Rack in the DFW area (it’s clear the rack y’all!) Fingers crossed I find some amazing deals today, the Rack can be so hit or miss sometimes! After that, I’m looking forward to a laid-back weekend of cleaning, meal prepping, and just relaxing. That’s honestly what my ideal weekend would consist of; a little bit of shopping, running errands, and just unwinding and getting my life together. 

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What’s on Sale | Free People Basics!

What's on Sale | Free People Basics - treasureandtaupe.com

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Happy Friday everyone! Today I leave for a quick weekend trip to Austin (woo!), but before I embark on that 3-hour road trip, I wanted to introduce a new series to the blog. When it comes to fashion, the one question I get asked the most is, “how do you always find such great deals?”  To that I say, “because I’m constantly stalking clothes online!”  It’s true, though. As you can probably tell by now, I truly believe that having great style doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. So if that means checking the price of an item daily until it’s cheap enough for my recent-grad budget to afford, then so be it. But if that sounds like your worst nightmare…

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