A Love Affair With Athleisure

A Love Affair with Athleisure - treasureandtaupe.com

My love for the athleisure trend is like no other. To say I’m completely obsessed would be a total understatement. What could possibly be more genius than mixing workout gear with regular clothes to create the most practical, comfortable, and sporty look? Nothing, the answer is nothing. To be honest, I never thought I’d be the type to wear jeans with running shoes (I should probably take this time to apologize to everyone I have shaded in the past for doing this), but I have now seen the light! 

A Love Affair with Athleisure - treasureandtaupe.comA Love Affair with Athleisure - treasureandtaupe.com

What makes me love this athleisure look even more is the fact that it was super affordable; all thanks to Nordstrom! Did you know that you can google “Price Matched” in the search bar of their website and find thousands of items marked down to match their competitors? Well, I did just that and found these Topshop jeans for only 45 bucks! The deals don’t stop there my friends. The grey tank was only $18, the Nike’s were a Black Friday find for $55, and the purse was only $27 because Urban Outfitters ran an “extra 30% off sale items” promo. I don’t play when it comes to saving that coin!

Of all the deals, my favorite one has to be the leather jacket. I originally purchased it online at Nordstrom for $60, but when I called to exchange it for a smaller size, it had been marked down 60% off!

SHOPPER TIP: On the real, this is one of the best faux-leather jackets I’ve seen in a while. It’s legit everything I’ve ever wanted in a leather jacket (besides the fact that it’s faux). A complete inventory of them are about to be shipped to Nordstrom Rack, so now’s your chance to snag one before they ship out! All details will be listed below. #STAYWOKE 

A Love Affair with Athleisure - treasureandtaupe.com A Love Affair with Athleisure - treasureandtaupe.com
| Jacket: Topshop (Item #5130048_1) | Tank top: Topshop | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Nike | Purse: Urban Outfitters |

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