Last 10 Items I Purchased from Amazon

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Let me just start by saying that Amazon is like my second boyfriend! (No I don’t have a “first” boyfriend, second just sounds better lol.) Amazon can cook, keep you entertained, and whenever you need something, it’ll be waiting at your doorstep in 48 hours or less! All jokes aside, Amazon, put in the simplest of terms, is LIT. 

I thought it would be fun to share the last 10 things I purchased from Amazon because I’ve been really enjoying everything I’ve gotten over the past few months. Some of these items I’ve been buying for years and others are newfound favorites, so let’s just jump right in!


Woven Rattan Bag
This bag has been on my wishlist all summer long. I would always see it on Instagram, which kept taunting me to buy it, but every blogger I found wearing it got theirs from random Etsy shops. At the time, I wasn’t in the mood to wait for shipping, so I did a quick search on Amazon and found this beauty. Gotta love Amazon’s fast shipping and quick and easy returns! I’ve been having so much fun styling this bag lately. It goes with everything and gives your outfit a nice beachy, bohemian touch, which is what we know I’m all about.

Amazon, sale finds, Amazon essentials, best things to buy from Amazon, rattan bag, woven circle bag, bohemian style //

Vintage Boho Belt 
I’m not really the kinda gal that likes to splurge on accessories, so when I found this on Amazon for only 10 bucks, I knew I had to give it a try. You can see me wearing it here and It’s exactly what I was on the hunt for! These vintage belts spruce up a simple outfit and look so effortlessly cool when paired with denim. I think I might punch another hole in it to make it a little tighter, but I love it so far!

iPhone Glass Screen Protector 
I bought these glass screen protectors recently, and I love them! My best friend also uses my Amazon prime account, so when I saw that she ordered these for herself, I literally copied her and had the same thing ship to my house the next day! It comes with 2 glass protectors, the instructions are really simple to follow, and they give you all the supplies you will possibly need to apply the case to your phone (dust stickers, wet/dry wipes, etc). I highly recommend these! The reviews are so great too!

Apple Headphone Jack Adapter
Speaking of iPhones, I’m starting to realize just how many accessories need to go with these devices haha. Without going on a ranting spree about the iPhone 7 and it’s lack of a headphone jack, let’s just say this missing feature drives. me. insane. Do you know how hard it is to keep track of that tiny little adaptor?! Between work, my car, the gym, and my house, that’s a lot of opportunities to misplace the darn thing. Which is exactly what I did the other week, so I ordered another one from Amazon. Praise that they had this product because it saved me from a stressful trip to the Apple Store.

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Thayers Facial Toner 
This toner is one of the products I’ve re-purchased from Amazon many times. A toner is essential to my skincare routine because it removes the dust, pollution, and impurities that can still camp out on your face after you wash it. A lot of other toners make my skin feel sticky or greasy after application, but this one is sooo soothing and leaves my skin feeling super clean and hydrated. This may be TMI, but I get so much satisfaction out of seeing the extra dirt/makeup come off on the cotton pad that would’ve still been on my face if I had never used a toner. Trust me, you’ll love the way it feels on your skin!

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Control Lotion SPF 15
Another beauty favorite of mine is the Seaweed Oil-Control moisturizer from The Body Shop. As someone with combination/extremely oily skin, this moisturizer’s texture is the perfect balance of creamy yet lightweight. I also love that it has SPF, but dries with a matte finish. Oh, and the cooling sensation it leaves on your skin, people! It’s like a mini-facial every morning with this stuff. Full disclosure, I honestly stopped using this moisturizer because I thought it made my skin look super shiny, the total opposite of what it promises to do! HOWEVER, the trick is to apply it all over your face like normal, then use your fingertips to press it into your skin with dabbing motions. (I learned this technique from this video, skip to 4:50). This helps the product fully absorb into your skin, leaving you with a matte finish. For all my oily skinned girls out there, that simple step will truly change your life haha.

Steve Madden Carrson Heels 
These heels are a must-have for every girl’s shoe collection. My friends always make fun of me because I have a weird love for “barely there sandals”, which just means they have one strap over the toes and one wrapped around your ankles. I’m obsessed with this style of shoe because they look so classy and literally match every dress ever. These are my go-to shoe for formal dresses, casual ones, and even look great with jeans. I love the Steve Madden ones specifically because of the thicker heel, which makes it so much easier to keep them on all night without crying in pain! Now tell me that’s not worth being obsessed over…I’ll wait 🙂

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Scalloped High Neck Bathing Suit
I went to a church retreat over Labor Day and needed a one-piece bathing suit for all the water activities they had. Because I’m not really a fan of one-pieces (short torso probs), I knew I wasn’t about to invest in a nice one anytime soon. Amazon hooked it up though with this adorable scalloped swimsuit. I’ve seen Kate Spade and other brands sell this exact swimsuit for over $100, so at $20, this one makes for the perfect dupe!

Bottle Brush Cleaner
I don’t know about you guys, but I always have trouble cleaning my reusable water bottles. Because you can’t stick them in the dishwasher, I always felt like I wasn’t fully cleaning and sanitizing them. This brush cleaner is such a simple solution, and at only $5, I don’t know why I never thought to buy this sooner! It’s actually meant for baby bottles, but now I can fully clean the whole inside of my water bottles with ease. No more awkwardly trying to fill it up with soap and water and shake it around haha. This brush also has a twist-off handle that houses the mini brush for harder to reach areas, like the nozzle. Genius.

ESV Student Study Bible
I actually bought this bible for one of my best friends, but I still thought I’d share this item because Amazon has a great selection of bibles to choose from. Come to think of it, I also bought the bible I currently use from Amazon as well! It’s a Life Application Study Bible, so it really explains what’s going on, who’s speaking, why, etc. I love the detailed maps (anyone else geographically challenged?) and the added commentary explains how the passages can actually be applied to your day-to-day life. I recently challenged myself to read the Bible chronologically and can attest that the extra info has really helped in my journey to understand the Bible!

Overall, this roundup was quite random, but I hoped you liked seeing the latest beauty, tech, and clothing items I purchased from Amazon. What are YOUR favorite things to buy from Amazon? Leave them in the comments below!

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