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Happy Monday everyone! Considering the ice storm we recently had here in Dallas (ok more like an anticlimactic snow flurry), I thought I’d share my winter uniform with you guys. This is the outfit I’ve been wearing non-stop the past few weeks. Why? Because it’s super easy to throw on, it’s comfortable, and most importantly, it’s actually warm. I mean I’m practically wearing a blanket for a cape! I also told you guys on my Instagram that I would reveal which former Bachelor contestant inspired me to purchase these OTK boots. Well, it was none other than the gorgeous…

Becca Tilley! She is hands down one of my top 3 favorite contestants from the whole entire franchise, and when I saw this post on her blog, I knew I just HAD to have them. A lot of other OTK boots have such a skinny heel, which is cute if you’re getting all dressed up for a night out, or sitting courtside to watch your man play basketball (#WAGS), but for my lifestyle, I wanted a thicker heel so I could have the option to dress them either up or down, preferably down!

These Steve Madden Norri boots sell for $129, but I did some googling and found them for only $75 bucks at Shoe Buy! I’ll be doing a blog post on how I save a ton of money shopping online, so stay tuned for that. Now let’s talk about this poncho. I don’t even know if it’s a poncho or a cape or a shawl, but I like to think of it as a wearable blanket. I found it at Target a few months ago, and have been finding every excuse to wear it ever since. I kept the rest of the outfit simple by throwing on a plain black tank with my fave Paige skinny jeans (also worn here).

winter uniform - treasureandtaupe.comwinter uniform - treasureandtaupe.comwinter uniform - treasureandtaupe.comwinter uniform -

In the spirit of Bachelor Monday, I’m going to let you in on why I love watching the show so much. No, it’s not the elaborate date ideas or the ridiculous drama that goes on in the house. It’s actually because of the fashion (tell me Ben’s season wasn’t a walking Revolve Clothing ad!) The girl’s styles just keep getting better and better, and after each episode, I love to read Sharleen Joynt’s (opera singer from Juan Pablo’s season) Bachelor recaps! She spills all the tea on producer edits, where to buy the contestants’ outfits, and her commentary is actually rather insightful. If you’re watching Nick’s season, you don’t want to miss out on her recaps. Winter uniform - Winter uniform -

| Cape: Target (similar here at 60% off) | Tank: Topshop | Jeans: Paige (similar here) | Boots: Steve Madden | Purse: H&M (similar here) |

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